question 11 a, b, and c a. Fin

question 11 a, b, and c

a. Find the equation of the hyperbola satisfying thegiven conditions.Vertices at (-12, 0) and (12, 0); focus at (3squareroot 17, 0)

b. Determine whether the given function is one-to-one.If it is one-to-one, find a formula for the inverse


c. Solve.How long will it take for $1600 to grow to $14,000 at an interestrate of 3.7% if the interest is compounded continuously? Round thenumber of years to the nearest hundredth.

58.62 yr

5.86 yr

5862.31 yr

0.59 yr


If you have any confusion regarding the answer please ask andrate ?

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