QUESTION NO 1 A)For the follow


A)For the following given research title come up with theresearch hypothetical model, describe specifically about dependentand independent variables? (100 Words)

• The impact of sleep deprivation on stress at workplace andemployee performance

. • The impact of video games on child behavior and their mentalhealth.

• The impact of flexible environment on employee motivation andhis performance at workplace.

•Consumer Buying Behavior in Shopping Stores: Impact of StoreDimensions and Demographics

. • Effects of Coaching and Mentoring On Employee Performance inThe Uk Hotel Industry.


Q1)Sleep deprivation negatively affects work performance ,productivity , quality of work, relationship in the workingplace.There will be problem in concentration and communication inthe working place.Video gaming was found to have positive effectand making social relationship but also had negative effects likelow self esteem,loneliness , low performance in schools.The flexihours strategy will reduce stress and bring improvement in family.So flexibility motivates to increase productivity, provides jobsatisfaction ,efficiency in work.Shopping malls has been chosen bycustomers to buy all the products under the same roof , saving time, money and stress..Customers buy product that will be differentfrom one person to another based on their personality , lifestyleand attitude.Ambience of the mall make the customers feel they haveto visit the mall repeatedly.Coaching and mentoring are positivelyrelated to employee performance.

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