Questions: For each of the fol


For each of the following molecules, draw the Lewis DotStructure, identify the electronic and molecular geometry names,and predict the bond angle of the bold atom. If you believe thatresonance structures exist, you may merely state so.












B2H6 (yes, this is a real molecule)

For what electronic geometries is the “octet rule” alwaysviolated?

Though the octet rule is, indeed, frequently broken, it is neverbroken for small atoms (n = 1, 2). Propose a reason for this. Youranswer is extra cool if it included a mention of the PauliPrinciple.


Here are lewis structure for the first 4

For the first one it has 4 bonds and it has no lone pairattached to the central atom so

electronic geometry will be tetrahedral , molecular geometrywill be tetrahedral too , bond angle will be 109.5 degrees

for SO3, it has 3 bonds and 0 lone pairs of electrons attachedto S, electronic geometry will be trigonal

molecular geometry will be trigonal planar with a bond angle of120 degrees

The CH3COOCH3, for this we need to take a look to the centralatoms, it has 4 central atoms

the firs central atom will be the first carbon

electron geometry will be tetrahedral , also molecular geometrywill be tetrahedral with angle of 109.5 degrees

second central atom will be the second carbon

it has no lone pairs and has 3 bonds

electron geometry will be trigonal and molecular shape will betrigonal planar with angle of 120 degrees

third central atom will be the oxygen that has no doublebond

it has 2 bonds and 2 lone pairs

molecular geometry will be bent

electron geometry will be tetrahedral

bond angle will be 109.5 or less than that

4th central atom will be the last carbon attached to 3 hydrogensand the oxygen

no lone pairs so molecular geometry will be tetrahedral andelectron geometry will be tetrahedral

The PCl3

It has 1 lone pair of electrons and 3 bonds so

electron geometry will be tetrahedral

molecule geometry will be trygonal pyramidal

angle bond will be 109.5 C

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