Read the following proposed re

Read the following proposed research study. Please state thetype of statistical analysis that you would recommend to theresearcher and what brought you to that conclusion:

Maximus really loves to eat apples. He wants to look at therelationship between the amount of apples eaten and the number ofapple trees in the proximity. He counts the number of apple treeswithin a 1 mile radius of where someone is standing. He then countsthe number of apples that a person has eaten.


Okay here the best statistical analysis that needs to beperformed would be correlation analysis and performing linearregression in order to find the line of best fit.

Since Maximum wants to look at the relationship between theamount of apples eaten and the number of apple trees in theproximity, therefore by collecting data on the same using themethod mentioned above, he can then find the correlation andscatter diagram in order to know if the two variables show a stronglinear relationship or not(ideally the relationship should bepositive). Then if he finds that the the amount of apples eaten andthe number of apple trees in the proximity shows a strong linearrelationship he can then perform regression to create the line ofbest fit which can be used to predict the number of apples eatengiven the number of apple trees in the vicinity.

Please let meknow in comments if anything is unclear. Will reply ASAP. Pleaseupvote if satisfied!

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