Scenario: Your 79-year-old cli

Your 79-year-old client awaiting discharge from the hospitalnotifies you that their adult daughter has arrived to provide aride home. When providing the discharge instructions to the client,you note the adult daughter is unkempt, lacks eye contact, and hasan unusual odor present.
Initial Discussion Post:
Identify the priority nursing intervention the RN should applyto this scenario and explain your rationale.
Using the model for critical thinking, describe two thinkingprocesses the RN can use to support critical thinking in thiscomplex scenario.


Nursing intervention is the clinical judgement about individual,family or community responses to health problem. The RN shouldapply caregiver role strain intevention on priority basis. From theunkempt and untidy sppearance and behaviour of the caregiver itlooks like she is a drug abuser. This puts the patient safety atrisk.

Critical thinking is the disciplined and intellectual process ofapplying appropriate reasoning to every action taken by the nurse.It helps in right clinicsl decision making. It is the ability tothink logically, trasparently and systematically. It is essentialfor safe nursing interventions. The thinking process involves –

  • Analyzing – analyzing the problem. In above case the care giverbehaviour should be properly analyzed or observed.
  • Evaluating – evaluation of the risks involving the patient dueto inappropriate behaviour of caregiver.
  • Interpretate – interpretate the actual problem of the behaviourand the problem
  • Explaining – explaining the problem to the patient andcaregiver with proper and logical reasoning
  • Plan if action – after analyzing and evaluating the problem, aplan of action is prepared to avoid all the risk factors and ensurepatient’s well being.

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