Select all the groups that are

Select all the groups that are significantly different from eachother

Select one or more

a. 0 ft and 10 ft

b. 0 ft and 30 ft

c. 0 ft and 40 ft

d. 10 ft and 30 ft

e. 10 ft and 40 ft

f. 30 ft and 40 ft

0ft 10ft 30ft 40ft
0.045 0.045 0.044 0.098
0.043 0.031 0.044 0.074
0.04 0.043 0.048 0.154
The dataset contains measurements of iron levels at several depthsin a bay. Develop your hypotheses and at .05 significance levelconduct the appropriate statistical test to determine if ironlevels are different at different depths. If they are, at .05significance level, conduct follow up tests to determine whichgroups are different from each other. Build the ANOVA table.


I had done this using MINITAB as follows-

Stat – ANOVA – One Way ANOVA – It display as follows-

From above P-value (0.010)< l.o.s(0.05) . Thus, reject Ho. We conclude that at least onemean is significantly different.

To check this ,I had done Tukey test as follows-

From above table treatment 40ft is significantly different.It can be seen from followingplot-

To check which pair of meansare significantly different see the following plot-

From above plot , treatment 40- 0, 40-10 and 40-30 are significantly different.

Thus , Correct answer is c,e and f.

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