Select and profile (a) a high-

Select and profile (a) a high-level job position you aspire tosecure in your chosen allied health field and (b) a same-levelposition in a different and unrelated allied health care field.What educational and professional qualifications must eachindividual in this high-level position possess? What is the typicalcareer path to arrive at each position? Compare and contrast theresponsibilities each position entails in regards to workplacesafety, risk management, and/or quality of service, and identifyone element from each career path that might benefit the other.


Absolutely as a nurse the most high position is ICNpresident.

In other field is world populous fashion designer.

Comparing this ICN president need an much experience and morededication towards our practice . Need an inert force to do ordiscover new innovations in our field.Research and evidence basedpractice is more important.

As an world populous fashion designer need a educationalqualification and to join in perfect area to shine its veryimportant. Even if having more creativity it is difficult to reachto public.

Workplace safety in nursing is based on the setup.

Risk management in nursing is always a great role.A greatleadership quality is required to solve or to prevent the problem.Quality of service ,it is the key of nursing practice.If a serviceis satisfied only then others accept us.

In contrast fashion field is always a unsafe zone it is based onway of behavior. Risk management and quality of service is missedthen the role will be out.New fashions are always required if it isnot satisfied then public look for the next fashion designer andthe world will go.

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