Some explanations of glycolysi

Some explanations of glycolysis, lactic acid fermentation andaerobic cellular respiration seem to indicate that your cellsSWITCH between the two options to finish glycolysis: lactic acidfermentation OR cellular respiration. This is not the case! Yourcells do not choose EITHER lactic acid fermentation OR aerobiccellular respiration

In the above situation, what will happen to glycolysis ratesthat move forward to lactic acid fermentation? Why?


If the cells donot choose either lactic acid fermentation oraerobic respiration after glycolytic pathway. It will haveinhibitory effect on the glycolytic rates or we can say the ratesof biochemical recations involved in glycolysis will decrease orstop at the regulated steps.

It will lead to the accumulation of pyruvic acid in thecytoplasm which will have feedback inhibition on the pyruvatekinase to prevent the further conversion of Phosphoenol pyruvate toPyruvate. The accumulation of PEP then have the inhibitory effecton the upstream biochemical reactions that ultimately acts on thehexokinase to stop the conversion of glucose to Glucose-6-phosphateand thus prevents glycolysis to occur. In the alternative case, theintermediates of glycolysis will be diverted towards other pathwayslike pentose phosphate pathway to synthesize other biomoleculeslike nucleotides or to regenerate glucose.

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