Statistics students in Oxnard

Statistics students in Oxnard College sampled 9 textbooks in theCondor bookstore and recorded the number of pages in each textbookand its cost. The bivariate data are shown below:

Number of Pages (xx) Cost(yy)
470 65.4
980 135.6
300 53
888 117.56
982 128.84
762 110.44
267 41.04
571 88.52
640 91.8

A student calculates a linear modelyy =  xx + . (Please show your answers to two decimalplaces)Use the model to estimate the cost when number of pages is379.Cost = $ (Please show your answer to 2 decimal places.)


The linear model is:

When x = 379

The linear regression model in excel is:

Let me know in the comments if anything is notclear. I will reply ASAP! Please do upvote ifsatisfied!

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