Tablet PC Comparison provides

Tablet PC Comparison provides a wide variety of informationabout tablet computers. The company’s website enables consumers toeasily compare different tablets using factors such as cost, typeof operating system, display size, battery life, and CPUmanufacturer. A sample of 8 tablet computers is shown in the tablebelow.

Tablet Cost ($) OperatingSystem DisplaySize(inches) BatteryLife(hours) CPUManufacturer
Acer Iconia W510 599 Windows 10.1 8.5 Intel
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 299 Android 8.9 9 TI OMAP
Apple iPad 4 499 IOS 9.7 11 Apple
HP Envy X2 860 Windows 11.6 8 Intel
Motorola Droid XYboard 530 Android 10.1 9 TI OMAP
Samsung Ativ Smart PC 590 Windows 11.6 7 Intel
Samsung Galaxy Tab 525 Android 10.1 10 Nvidia
Sony Tablet S 360 Android 9.4 8 Nvidia

a. How many elements are in this dataset?

b. How many variables are in this dataset?

c. Which variables are categorical and whichvariables are quantitative?

Variable Categorical/Quantitative
Cost ($) SelectCategoricalQuantitativeItem 3
Operating System SelectCategoricalQuantitativeItem 4
Display Size (inches) SelectCategoricalQuantitativeItem 5
Battery Life (hours) SelectCategoricalQuantitativeItem 6
CPU Manufacturer SelectCategoricalQuantitativeItem 7

d. What type of measurement scale is used foreach of the variables?

Variable Measurement Scale
Cost ($) SelectOrdinalRatioNominalItem 8
Operating System SelectOrdinalRatioNominalItem 9
Display Size (inches) SelectOrdinalRatioNominalItem 10
Battery Life (hours) SelectOrdinalRatioNominalItem 11
CPU Manufacturer SelectOrdinalRatioNominalItem 12



there are total 8 elements . the count of the elements isdetermined by simply couting the total number of tablets in thedata set

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