Test Score System As a Systems

1. The questions below relate to the following case study: System: Test Score System As a Systems Analyst, you are appointed to document requirements of a Test Score System. You are also required to study agile project management approach and apply it in the project. As part of the business process, the lecturer marks all the student papers, aggregates the scores and captures them. The Head of Department oversees the work of the lecturer. His duties in this regard include moderation of papers, amendment and approval of the scores, and the submission of the scores to the admin office. The test scores are captured per course, a course belongs to a department and a department belongs to a faculty. Students can enrol for more than one course and lecturers are allowed to facilitate many courses. The Test Score System should also have a functionality for students to check their scores, lodge a dispute on scores they have a problem with, rate the course and chat with lecturers. Q.2.1 Develop a simple UML activity diagram to model the activities between the lecturer and the Head of Department. (11) Q.2.2 Identify six entities from the case study and draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) using the correct cardinality symbols to present the relationships amongst the entities. You do not have to include attributes for any of the entities.

2. The questions below are still based on the case study in Question 2. Q.3.1 Since you will be applying agile project management, identify and discuss a process you will put in place to control the scope of the project. (6) Q.3.2 The case study has numerous use cases and detailed information about use cases is described with a use case description. List any three aspects of a use case covered in a use case description. (3) Q.3.3 Identify use cases in relation to the student’s interaction with the Test Scores System and develop a use case diagram. (9) Q.3.4 Distinguish between a User Story and a Use Case and provide an example for each, (8) Q.3.5 Designing the user interface for smartphones has several items affecting layout and formatting. List any four of the items.



Below activity diagram shows the interaction of Lecturer andHead Of Department while test score system process:



Below are the steps to create ERD:

Step 1: Entities in the system:

1. Course

2. Department

3. Faculty

4. Student

5. Lecturer

6. TestScore

Step 2: Identify the relationship between theentities:

1. Course to Department is a many to one relationship as adepartment can have many courses, but a course belong to onedepartment.

2. Department to faculty is a one to one relationship.

3. Lecturer to Course is a one to many relationship as onelecturer can facilitate many courses, but a course has one lectureronly.

4. TestScore belong to one course and one student i.e. it isternary relationship between the three entities.

Step 3: Create ERD:

Step 4: ERD Symbols:


Accoding to the agile project management , we will be dividingthe whole requirement into smaller pieces and then these should beprioritised by the team according to the importance and then theyshould start the development of the project with the smaller piecesto have prototype at an early stage of the development and usingthat they will be able to the get the feedback of the customer thatis University and how the system can be improved or modifiesaccording to the need and if the modification is needed than thesystem go back to the design state and after which will bere-developed according to the new design and than again thecustommer feedback will be taken and if it passes the customer test, than the whole system is caarried forward to the development andwhole the functionality and variable are implemented using thecoding language and after which it will be tested by the developerand testers for the various parameter of functionality , accuracyand robustness and if it passes all the test , than it deployed andthe customer and users will be taken for any further update thatcan be implemented later.

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