The Flexner report was spurred

The Flexner report was spurred by the fact that:

– The thousands of medical schools in North America had littleunity of purpose or of standards

– The majority of medical schools were using the same standardsbut it wasn’t written down explicitly for all to see

– It was time for a fresh look since the last study of this kindwas done 50 years before the Flexner report

– The Carnegie Foundation wanted to establish itself as anoverseer of medical schools


Answer: b

The Flexner report was spurred by the fact that the majority ofmedical schools were using the same standards, but it wasn’twritten down explicitly for all to see.

Flexner report was written by Abraham Flexner, one of the greateducators of the 1900s. He was a researcher at the CarnegieFoundation and was commissioned by the foundation to write thisreport. Flexner conducted the research and published the report”Medical education in the United States and Canada.” This is alandmark report about the state of medical education in the UnitedStates and Canada during the early 1900s. The report pointed to thenecessity of reforms in the standards, curriculum, and organizationof medical schools in the United States and Canada. He favored theGerman medical school model with biomedical sciences educationcombined with clinical training. Many medical schools were closedand others introduced reforms to conform to Flexner’s model.

The other options given here about the Flexner report are nottrue as they do not state the facts about the report.

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