. The following quote is from

. The following quote is from Mallet J(2006) What does Drosophila genetics tell us aboutspeciation? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 21:386-393

“Studies [in] Drosophila havegiven insight into the genetic changes that result in reproductiveisolation. Here, I survey some extraordinary and important advancesin Drosophila speciation research. However, ‘reproductiveisolation’ is not the same as ‘speciation’, and thisDrosophila work has resulted in a lopsided view ofspeciation.”

Focus in on the last sentence in thisquote and answer the following questions:

a. What is speciation? (4 points)

b. What is reproductive isolation? (4points)

c. Define species according to theBiological Species Concept (BSC). (4 points)

d. Given the BSC, what does the authormean that speciation and reproductive isolation are not synonymous?(4 points)

e. In any event, species concepts are difficult to deal with.The definitions we have for species do not often work for allspecies. Give an example of how the Biological Species Concept“breaks down” in some cases. (4 points)


a) specation- 1) Itis the evolutionary process by which populations evolved to becamedistinct species.2) occurs when groups in a species becamereproductively isolated and diverge.3) new species are form. 4) itis a lineage splitting event.

b) Reproductive isolation-1) It is the condition where different species live in thesame area, but the properties of indviduals prevent them frominterbreeding. 2) inability of a species to breed successfully withrelated species.3) it leads to evolution of species.

c) Species- Acc toBSC, It is a group of individuals that can breed together.they cannot breed with other groups. 2) species are reproductivecommunity, a gene pool, a genetic system.

d) It is so becausespecation involves reproductive isolated groups with in originalpopulation. 2) accumulation of genetic differences between the twogroups.

In reproductive isolation,divergence occurs without geographical barrier.

e) When a femalehorse and male donkey mate, they produce hybrid offspring calledmules.

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