There are the two-party system

There are the two-party systems in America. cover the topic in ablog post of at least 350 words. Information your blog must includeis: Information on why we have a two-party system (THIS IS THE MOSTIMPORTANT) An examination of the two major parties in AmericaExplain that other parties exist (and a bit why) Your blog mustinclude specific information from the readings. must cite theassigned readings in the text (parenthetical citations) and have alist of your sources the end of your blog post. As a reminder, thisis a blog post for a fictitious website. In this case, think aboutthat which would help keep a reader interested (use of graphics,current events, appropriate font styles) while still maintaininggood academic writing/argumentation.



Two-party system describes an arrangement in which allor nearly all elected officials belong to one of the only two majorparties, and third parties rarely win any seats in the legislature.In such arrangements, two-party systems are thought to result fromvarious factors like winner-takes-all election rules. In suchsystems, while chances for third-party candidates winning electionto major national office are remote, it is possible for groupswithin the larger parties, or in opposition to one or both of them,to exert influence on the two major parties. In contrast, inCanada, the United Kingdom and Australia and in other parliamentarysystems and elsewhere, the term two-party system issometimes used to indicate an arrangement in which two majorparties dominate elections but in which there are viable thirdparties that do win some seats in the legislature, and in which thetwo major parties exert proportionately greater influence thantheir percentage of votes would suggest.

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