This is for Cosmochemistry a)

This is for Cosmochemistry

a) Assuming you wanted to study aqueously mediated chemistry andparent-body processing on an asteroid in the early solar system,name two materials you might study and why.

b) In comparison, if you were interested in understandingvapor-phase condensation in the early solar nebula, name twomaterials you might examine and why.


a) I would like to study on Enstatite chondrites andCarbonaceous chondrites as both of them are believed to be the mostprimitive remnants of planetesimals of the early solar system.

Enstatite chondrites: They are formed from chondrules which arebasically round grains which are formed by minerals. It is believedthat these were formed at beginning of the solar system. These areof a rare type and comprise only about 2% of the chondrites thatfall on earth. They have high amounts of mineral enstatite which isone of the most chemically reduced rocks known.

Carbonaceous chondrites: They experience an aqueous alterationin an extensive manner.This results in hydrated silicates andcarbon minerals. They also consist prominent amounts of aminoacids. They have the highest proportion of volatile compoundspresent in them which indicates they have formed far away from thesun. They also contain minerals that have been altered by thepresence of water.

b) For understanding the vapor phase condensation in the earlysolar nebula I would like to examine forsterite and enstatite.

forsterite was found in cometary dust returned from Stardustprobe in the year 2005 and it was also found in the dusty clouds ofgas around a newly forming star. It was present in the form of tinycrystals.

Both these materials can be interchanged with each other withthe use of Silicon monoxide in the presence of water. They were thekey materials present at that moment and certainly examining themwill reveal certain secrets for sure.

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