This week, you will complete t

This week, you will complete the “Decision Making Dilemma”assignment. This assignment asks you to imagine that you are acaptain of a ship that is sinking. All but one of your passengerscan escape on the lifeboat. You and one other passenger will sinkwith the ship. You have to decide which passenger will die with youon the ship. Note that this decision does not need to bebased on the perceived value of a life, but could be based onconsiderations of who stands to lose the most or least by dying,whose death would cause the most and least suffering to others, whohas a special obligation to remain on board, and so on.

What kinds of considerations would inform your decision aboutwho should remain on board? E.g. does the age of the passengermatter? Does his family status matter? Does his form of employmentmatter?

1) Create a list of considerations that you think are important,and rank them from least important to most important.

2) Offer a defense of your choice for the most importantcons


(1.) The list of considerations that would be important inmaking the decisions are:

  • The health status of the passenger- If the passenger is alreadysuffering from a critical or terminal illness or is almost on theverge of dying say advance stages of cancer then it is likely thatthe captain should choose that passenger.
  • The age of the passenger- If the passenger is old then it’salready valid to assume that the passenger has a low expectedfuture lifetime and will die sooner than the others anyway.
  • The family status- If the passenger has a family that’sdependent on him/her then choosing such a passenger would affectthe family.
  • Parents – It will desirable to avoid choosing a passenger whois a parent to young children or babies or if the passenger is apregnant women.
  • The employment of the passenger- If the passenger is employedin a very valuable position such as consider a scientist or a noblele aureate then we would avoid choosing them because they arevaluable.

(2.) The reason I said critical illness or terminal illnessshould be chosen as the first criterion is because a personsuffering from such a condition will expire sooner than the othersanyway. Assuming that expected future lifetime is the criterion fordeciding which passenger should be chosen first choosing aterminally ill person will help us save other healthy lives whowould have probably been the choices later on based on othercriterion.

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