Topic: The impact of COVID-19

Topic: The impact of COVID-19 in our Economy.
1) Will Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy be enough?
2) Who truly failed from all of these massive interventions ina ‘Free Capitalistic Economy’?
3) Where are all the outcries from those politicians whobelieved in the adage of “only the fit shall survive” or “webelieve in free markets void of Economic Intervention”? Will theseinterventions succeed? Will we need more intervention?


1. A combination ofmonetary as well as fiscal measure policy will be needed to curethe economy from the collateral damage from the massive loss of thespread of coronavirus disease. On the monetary front, maintainliquidity regime as well as financial stability in financialmarkets through measures are required. For the liquidity thegovernment must incentivise the digital payments to reduce thecurrency liquidity risk. These interventions are needed bygovernment intervention in key areas of economy. In short, we mustact quickly to solve emerging problems. But governments must act ina way that does not pose a long-term moral threat to the economy.This is when economic agents, especially banks, become reckless,hopefully governments will always defend themselves. In situationof break demand and supply chain require the government support aswell as the monetary policy measure.

More than ever, thelessons of this epidemic include building effective and efficientpublic institutions, development of health and educationinfrastructure, and effective research to support innovation forsustainable economic growth. In particular the digital economy:telemedicine, genomics, AdTech, fintech, e-cloud, etc. – will bethe main beneficiaries of this epidemic. However, thesetechnologies need support, such as investment in infrastructure andbroadband connectivity, for which governments remain importantfacilitators and regulators. Which are include in fiscal investmentto boost the economy. Therefore, both the monetary and well asfiscal policy are required on upfront to deal with demand andsupply gaps, liquidity issue in the time of pandemic under thecondition of self-care of an individual with its own as well associal responsibility.

2. In the UnitedStates and all other developed countries, the disease ischaracterized by confusion and lack of coordination with lack ofpreparedness. All the developed nation the capitalist, with besthealth services are at huge risk and far behind the race to controlthe covid 19. The United States, the world’s richest country, themost technologically and scientifically advanced, home to SiliconValley and the world’s most famous universities, cannot at leasttest what allows it to administer an epidemic. During the lastdecade, all economic and political life has developed towards asudden redistribution of wealth. But to solve all major socialproblems, from epidemics to climate change, financial resources areneeded to meet social needs. And therefore, these capitalistnations dallied to achieve the success on corona virusoutbreak.

3. Free marketoperate situation where economy clears itself in long run afteradjustment. But in case of pandemic there is disruptions on themarket as well as the public side, demand as well as the supply hasbeen affected. Where production has reduced for short period due tothe lockdown. And the demand affected for certain goods, the outcries of politicians who earlier believing inthe free market operation ended as their thought of marketintervention and policies has failed in the pandemic situationwhere nor single policy been affective. Daily doses of rules andregulation policy changed gone daily new version and doses. Freemarket operation and movement led tis problem aggravated thepandemic situation.

these governmentintervation might be sucessful if combiation of policy will be usedto overcome the demand as well as supply side, market as well aspublic side.public policy must be at the centre of these policy andthe economy must be back on the pace.

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