We wish to assess the effect o

  1. We wish to assess the effect of three different track surfaceson sprinter speed. Six world-class sprinters are asked to run five100m dashes on each of the three track surfaces. Their averagetimes are recorded below.

                   Surface1      Surface2       Surface3

Sprinter1          9.98         10.03           10.01

Sprinter2       10.00          9.99           9.97

Sprinter3       10.04          9.97           10.01

Sprinter4       10.02          10.03             9.99

Sprinter5         9.98          10.00           9.99

Sprinter6         9.94          9.96           9.97

Using the sprinters as blocks, discussthe differences between the track surfaces as suggested by SPSS.Give a statement to be tested, identify the random variablesinvolved and the assumptions you make about them, state thehypotheses to be tested, ask SPSS to run the analysis for you,including a post hoc, and then discuss the outcome. Describe thecritical region(s) upon which you base your decisions. Include anySPSS output in your discussion.


Null Hypothesis : There is no significant difference between thesprinters and the surface.

Alternative Hypothesis : There is a significant differencebetween the sprinters and the surface.

Level of significance : 5%

The significant values obtained for surface and sprinter are0.889 and .122 respectively but since the values are greatee than0.05 ( under 5 percent level of significance ) , we accept the nullhypothesis.

Hence there ia no significant difference between the sprinterand surface.

And also, there is no need of post hoc.

Post hoc is used only if the values donot accept the nullhypothesis.

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