What sort of domestic policies

What sort of domestic policies should be handled by the federalgovernment and which should be left to the states? And – are therethings that the government should leave for the people to do forthemselves?


Domestic policy refers to the plans and actions taken by agovernment to deal with issues and needs present within thecountry. It is generally developed by the federal government, oftenin consultation with state and local governments. Many domesticpolicies are developed by the federal government, though many aredeveloped through the combined efforts of federal, state, and localgovernments. It deals with a wide range of critical issues, such ashealthcare, education, energy and natural resources, socialwelfare, taxation, public safety and personal freedoms, domesticpolicy affects the daily lives of every citizen. The goal of thedomestic policy is to minimize dissatisfaction among the citizens.To achieve this goal, domestic policy tends to stress areas such asimproving law enforcement and healthcare. There are various typesof domestic policy such as: Regulatory policy, Distributive Policy,Redistributive Policy, Constituent policy, Economic Policy, DefensePolicy, Environmental Policy, Transportation Policy, etc.

State and federal governments affect our daily lives in numerousways. Yet, in our federal system, there is supposed to be a balancebetween federal and state power. In United States, state governmentplays a critical role in all those areas that are not leftexclusively to the federal government. As a result, state politicsare extraordinarily important because states are charged withprotecting the welfare, safety and health of theircitizens.   

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