Which of the following aspect

Which of the following aspect of translation applies to eukaryotesbut not prokaryotes? a.)Transcription and translation withoutexception occur in the same cellular space and at the same time.b.)Their ribosomal subunits contain one less rRNA, fewerpolypeptides, and have lower molecular weights. c.)A pre-mRNA isprocessed at each end and spliced to become a mature mRNAtranscript. d.)tRNAs and rRNAs undergo processing to achieve theirmature, functional form. e.)A single mRNA transcript may containseveral coding regions that encode different proteins. f.)An mRNAmolecule contains a unique sequence that lies upstream of the startcodon known as the Shine Dalgarno sequence, which serves as aribosome binding site.


Answer :- Option-C and D are process that happen only ineukaryotes not prokaryotes,

Exp:-   c.)A pre-mRNA is processed at each end andspliced to become a mature mRNA transcript.

d.)tRNAs and rRNAs undergo processing to achieve their mature,functional form.

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