Why does NADH have a higher me

Whydoes NADH have a higher metabolic efficiency than FADH2? Myprofessor said something about NADH being included in the protonpumps? Is that why? How does this connect to the P to Oratio?


NADH produces 3 ATPduring the ETC (Electron Transport Chain) with oxidativephosphorylation and FADH2 produces 2ATP in the same procedure.

NADH is very goodat doner of electrons in redox reactions and its electrons are at ahigh energy level, Hence it gives up its electron directly toComplex I to form NAD+. Complex I is at a higher energylevel than the other Complexes. Complex I transfers the electron toComplex III and energy is given off to pump protons across themembrane and a gradientis created. The electron moves again toComplex IV and again pumps more electrons across the membrane.Because NADH started with Complex I, it had more chances to pumpsmore protons across the gradient, which powers the ATP synthase andgives us 3 ATP per molecule of NADH.

FADH2gives up its electron to Complex II, as it is not as good electrondoner as NADH. Complex II does not pump proton accross themembrane, so less protons have been pumped by the time Complex IVis formed, hence 2 ATP per molecule of FADH2 isproduced.

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