why might the local supply of

why might the local supply of health professionals look verydifferent than state or national supply? Which types of healthprofessionals would you expect to see in most counties, and whichtypes of health professionals would you see clustered in certainregions of each state?


1) the local health professional look very different thean stateor national supply is that local health professional are aware ofthe language of the localities and the cultures, emotions and foodhabits and weather and climatic conditions and they will beexperiencing every thing that locals experiences so for them it isvery easy to communicate and explain the treatment, diagnosis, andcan also support the patient, but for the health professionals fromstate or national supply have to learn every thing for the bettercommunicating with the patient and also it takes time for them toget aqustmed to the local conditions.(b)Many countries have a largenumber of community health workers who work outside formalhealthcare institutions and also nurses as health professionals canbe seen in most countries and they contributes to the health andwealth of the country they serve. nursing health professionals areseen in clustered in certain regions of each state.

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