Write a 4-5 essay of the follo

Write a 4-5 essay of the following article: Alpine ecology,plant biodiversity and photosynthetic performance of marker plantsin a nitrogen gradient induced by Alnus bushes.
You can find the article in the following link:


Please summarize and interpretate this article .
( physiologycal ecology )


Alpine vegetation acts on the adjacent vegetation by thenitrogen supply from the symbiotic bacteria known as Frankiaalni of Alnus viridis.This has been considered inthis article concerning plant distribution,plant diversity, nitrateconcentration in soil and photosynthetic performance of specificmarker plants.

The changes in plant diversity in the area away fromAlnus bushes and trees indicates a strong dependency onthe nitrogen supply by the nitrogen fixing symbiotic bacteriaFrankia alni .

This was confirmed by chemical nitrate analysis and graphicalstudies of Alnus covered areas.Fluorescence measurementsindicated  that the lower nitrogen level causes nutrientstress to the plant such as more rapid reduction of the primaryacceptor, a reduced capacity on the donor site of photosystem IIand a lower performance index.So this natural ecosystem was underquasi equilibrium conditions and slow changes in the seasonal cyclewere taking place during this study.

Fluorescence data showed differences in the photosyntheticmetabolism within the same plant species when sites with high andlow nitrogen soil concentration were compared. During the study,notall considered species were equally sensitive. While the grassCalamagrostis reacted strongly to changes in soilnitrogen, Vaccinium was rather insensitive.

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