You are posted in a palliative

You are posted in a palliative care unit and a patient namedBrian is assigned to you. He has been diagnosed with terminal lungcancer. Brian is receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Explainhow do you take care of the client with regard to the followingaspects? (30-40 words each) Caring aspects Management 4.1)Hydration 4.2) Nutrition 4.3) Respiratory difficulty 4.4)Swallowing difficulty


In this case patient is on chemotherapy as it an essential partof the treatment for lung cancer. In the management of the lungcancer the palliative care play an important role as palliativecare can manage nausea, vomiting, pain and other related sideeffects.

Lung cancer begins when the cells in the lung grow inuncontrolled manner, generating the tumor, a lesion. Palliativecare is highly utilized medical care for people having the cases oflung cancer. The palliative care emphasize for relief from pain andstress as well as to enhance the quality of life. Palliative careis accomplished by the team of specialists including doctors,nurses along with the other social workers. Radiation therapy usedin the case of lung cancer causes pain and fatigue hence thepalliative care team members are specially trained to in this case.Palliative care teams emphasize on providing the counseling toobtain the better case. It helps in decision making in the specificcare delivery. Moreover the palliative care is family-centered,hence it provide the counseling to the all members of the family.Pallitative care focus on the proper nutrition to avoid the seriouseffects of the lungs care. Also the proper nutrition also helps inreducing the ill effeects of the lungs cancer.Respiratorydifficulty is a common problem in the lungs cancer hence properaeration therapy helps in the lungs cancer. Simmilarly theswalloing difficulty can be overcome by utilization of propermedicines and other associated alternative therapies.

Hence the palliative care is an essential tool in the case ofthe management of the lung cancer.

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