You are the CEO of Fitbit and

You are the CEO of Fitbit and have made a decision to advancethe wearable bracelet/watch to manage hypertension (a chronicdisease). Discuss the critical elements that you have to attend toif the device is to succeed. (Refer to the Fitbit case study).


Fitbit tracks every part of the day. It tracks the activity,food, weight , number of steps, heart rate,sleep pattern etc . Ithelps us to stay healthy, stay motivated , by providing us the dataof our health status in our wrist bands. The information is thensend to our phones fitbit app and we can use this information whileconsulting a doctor.

Unfortunately ,the fitbit does not have the blood pressurerecording system , the company is working on the system to includethis data because hypertension like chronic disease ,all over theworld people are suffering from hypertension in s huge number andwill also help to keep track of cardiac system. The device shouldrecord the following components for blood pressure :-

1 . Bloop pressure during activity- monitoring BP duringactivity.

2. Blood pressure during rest periods – monitoring BP duringrest.

3. Sodium level in the blood – increase in BP is due to highlevels of sodium in blood . Monitoring will help to reduce risk todevelop BP.

4. Heart rate- for monitoring the cardiac status.

5. Sleep pattern- less sleep is one of the causes ofhypertension , monitoring will help in improving the sleeppattern.

6. Weight changes- increase in weight causes hypertension,monitoring it will decrease the risk.

7. Stress level- increase stress levels develop hypertension inpeople, monitoring it will decrease the risk.

8. Activity- sedentary people are more prone to hypertensionthat the working people , monitoring this will help to improve theactivity level.

9. Diet pattern- oil,salt ,spices , fast-food, etc having atrack of these will motivate us to change the diet pattern .

10. Smoking/ alcohol- both of them causes increase in bloodpressure, track of how many times you smoke or drink will provideyou data of how close you are to develop hypertension.

If the above mentioned components are tracked then it will besuccessful in the health market as these components are the causesalso which lead to hypertension and it will become easy for thepeople to have control over these components which are causes tooto avoid hypertension and can make modification in their lifestylesaccording to the results .

The data on daily basis will be send phone app and people canshare this information with their physicians duringconsultantion.

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