You have been asked by J. Doe,

You have been asked by J. Doe, the leader of the technicaloperations department, to only test to see if there is a differencebetween the mean target and the actual results. Some employees inthe department have mentioned that J. Doe is seeking approval fornew equipment that will increase speed. Prior requests have beendeclined and the leader wants to use your results to prove newequipment is required.

Ethical issues in business statistics and how your personalvalues are applied.

Which ethical guideline(s) are you applying? How?

How does the scenario affect your personal decision making as itrelated to statistics and ethics?

What guidance, using principles from a Christian worldviewperspective, could be applied to understand and address theseethical issues presented in the scenario? The following GCUwebsites may be helpful: (a) GCU Doctrinal Statement (b) GCUMission and Vision.

Provide two or three external resources to help frame theissue.


Business statistics involves aspects of math, management andmarket research that aid in the decision making process within abusiness.Statistics is used in several aspects of business, such asbudgeting, tax preparation, proposals and data mining. The businessstatistics career field uses statistical techniques, such as datasampling and analysis, to assist in making decisions aboutpotential business ventures and existing company practices. Abusiness statistician might analyze data to create new marketingtechniques or understand investment risk.  Ethical issuesin business statistics arises when a particular group uses thestatistics for misleading and purposely excluded a certain classfrom its statistics. Ethics in business statistics is considered animportant part of workplace in the record and memos of theorganization but I don’t think that these organizations are reallyfollowing those standards and code of conduct. Unethical behaviorin business constitutes a crime, any fraudulent activity ormisleadingconduct committed by any individual will lead to a fineor imprisonment. The main reason forcommitting a fraud is todeceive people for the sole purpose to gain their trust, once thattrust is broken it is ill retrievable. As a Christian, one must befaithful to the life of being a Christian. As Christ lived onearth,he not only had integrity, but love and compassion, which is thekey and success of a trueChristian. Furthermore, as a Christian werely on the bible for guidance, it scriptures and versesare full ofwords to live by. We are commanded to do unto other as we wouldhave them do unto us, if we want to be treated fairly then we mustkeep the same attitude towards those we serveas the bible tells usto do. As a Christian, you are to be truthful in all of ourendeavors as we gothrough this journey of life, treating our fellowman with respect and integrity. It is a known fact that in businessunethical issueswill happen. Because people are human and thetemptation to profit from theirunethical activity will happen, itis highly recommended that they do business ethically,honestly andwith the utmost integrity. The ethical concerns of businessmaintain accurate records. There are laws that are design to deterindividuals from tamperingwith data, or manipulating of same.Nonetheless, the temptation to alter said data canand will occur ifwe do not uphold this institution of free enterprise we hold sofervently.

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