Your task is to take the below

Your task is to take the below code, and insertcomments (using the “%” symbol) next to each line of code to makesure that you know what every line does.

clcclearclose allNMax = 100;partialSum = 0;exactAnswer = pi^2;

for k=1:NMaxpartialSum = partialSum + 6/k^2;percentDiff(k) = abs(partialSum -exactAnswer)/exactAnswer*100;end

NVector = [1:NMax];plot(NVector,percentDiff);xlabel(‘{{Noob}}’);ylabel(‘% Difference’);




close all

NMax = 100; % maximum number upto which difference between exactanswer and partial sum is compared

partialSum = 0; % starting value of partial sum

exactAnswer = pi^2; % answer against which partial sum iscompared

for k=1:NMax % k will go from 1 to Nmax with increment of 1

partialSum = partialSum + 6/k^2; % formula to calculate partialsum

percentDiff(k) = abs(partialSum – exactAnswer)/exactAnswer*100;% ‘% difference between partal sum and exact answer’


NVector = [1:NMax]; % vectror created to plot

plot(NVector,percentDiff); % plotting Nvector on x axis anddifference on y axis

xlabel(‘{{Noob}}’); % label of x axis

ylabel(‘% Difference’); % label of y axis

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